Pretty Hands And Feet
 For Dry Hands & Cracked Feet 




Pretty Hands and Feet

Dry hands and cracked feet are not only unattractive, but they can be painful and even dangerous - cracks in skin can let in bacteria! There are many lotions, creams, and treatments for the dry skin of hands and feet... but there is only one Pretty Hands and Feet!

Pretty Hands and Feet is a soothing, fast-penetrating treatment specifically made for hands and feet. The skin of hands and feet tends to be thicker than that of skin on other parts of your body.  So, when hands and feet get dry, it's even tougher to moisturize that skin. This is just one reason why you don't want to use a regular "all over" moisturizing cream on these areas. Even the ones that say ""extra strength" don't have the formulation that Pretty Hands and Feet does - it's made specifically for those areas! 

Pretty Hands and Feet comes in a variety of sizes, as well as a variety of containers and applicators. Look around the site for all of your options as well as resources and information for keeping your hands and feet looking great!

We Want to See  Those Pretty Hands and Feet!

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"Pretty Hands and Feet is without a doubt the best treatment for my fingers, toes, palms, heels, and soles! I use it religiously. Thank you for such a phenomenal product!"

-- Jamie K., Glendale, AZ